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Marion Webb-DeSisto May 18, 2008

An overview of some of the inspiring, channeled messages I have received in recent years about our planet.

Today there is a great deal of interest in our planet, both from the point of view of making her environmentally sound and also with regards the belief that she is progressing into a new dimension. There are some who believe a consciousness lies within our planet and they have named it Gaia. Some say Gaia is angry with all the abuse she has received from man and that she is beginning to seek ways to rid herself of human infestation. Others, and I count myself among them, prefer to think of her as a loving mother who will never abandon us. She gives us unconditional love, refusing to be swayed by our tantrums and unkindly acts against her.

During many years of channeling messages from other levels of existence, Gaia or the Earth Mother, as she is known to me, has sometimes given personal information to individuals who have requested channeled readings from me. Issues of confidentiality make it impossible to reveal those channeled words, but, fortunately, I have also received a few messages from her that I have always believed she wanted to be shared with others. On occasion, others have read her words and their enthusiastic reactions have now prompted me to put together this article. I trust that the following messages will bring as much comfort, love and harmony into your lives as they have brought into mine.

The very first time I was made aware that Earth has a form of consciousness was during a channeled message from one of my guides on April 24, 1986:

"...A planet’s consciousness is comprised of all the elements which are belonging to it. Its mineral, vegetable and animal components are its lifeblood, and animals on many planets are its most influential element. Although a planet’s progression from its birth to its death is governed by the laws of time and space and is, therefore, an orderly occurrence, this order can be accelerated or slowed down by the vibrations of those who dwell above, beneath, or upon its surface. Remember that all energy is consciousness and is able to blend and become one. Sudden increases or decreases in a planet’s vibrations, due to the actions of its inhabitants, have devastating effects upon the planet. There are planets which have ceased to exist solely because of the intense change in the vibrational flow of its occupants...

When man speaks of being in harmony with his planet, he little realizes how close to the real truth he is. Harmonious existence is not only perpetuated by not polluting his planet and devastating her wild life. Primarily, it is maintained by monitoring his thoughts and desires, and keeping them in tune with ALL THAT IS. Other civilizations have been destroyed when Earth attempted to attune herself to their baser or higher instincts. Man has not yet realized that all disasters, which he terms "natural," are conceived within himself. It is only the illusion of outer reality which makes them appear otherwise..."

The first channeled message from the Earth Mother that I feel was intended for me to share was at Lammastide on August 1, 1992:

"Oh my children, comfort one another in these times. I am the Love, I bring you the Light. Hear my words, see my signs. I am come to proclaim what is transpiring. There is joy, there is true comfort here. It spills forth upon all of you. These are my gifts for all who are incarnate and beyond. Be of comfort to one another always, for there is only the everlasting love for all. My tears bathe clean all sorrows and all pain. I am the Earth Mother, I am all that is receptive and inward seeking. I am called by many names and they are all mine. The energies are flowing from my open arms and they envelop you with redemption. There is only the Love and all will be encompassed within it. Move to your soul's music, do not be immobile when the inner calling comes. These are my words, they are the sustenance which stills the hunger, they are the elixir which satisfies the thirst. Give of yourselves to one another and be watchful for the heralds of progression.

My children, I am your mother. I am the awareness from which you all sprang and within which you suspend your being. Be peaceful and loving, my children. Be as one."

This message was given to me while I was staying in a place named Beauraing, which is little more than a village in the province of Namur in Belgium. My husband and I were on a touring vacation at the time and we were visiting several European countries. Beauraing was one of the last places on our itinerary and I knew nothing about the village until we arrived there. Apparently from November 29, 1932 to January 3, 1933, five children saw the Virgin Mary on thirty different occasions under a large, hawthorn shrub. A church was eventually built there and a statue of the Madonna was erected in the grounds to mark the exact spot where the children saw her. I sat in front of the statue late one afternoon and began an automatic writing session, which became the above writing. The place is very special and has a truly profound energy.

Several weeks later on September 21, 1992, when I was back at my home in London, the Earth Mother gave me another message:

"I am here again, my child, to speak to you of matters which are most urgent. This planet of which I am the spirit is most definitely moving into an accelerated progression. Its vibrational frequency is no longer fully within the scope of 3-dimensional existence. Do not be afraid, only open yourself to my loving energy. Come with me to a realm of better understanding of the life force. Journey to harmonious awareness and all-giving serenity. Cast away your notions of physical limitations and surrender yourself to my bounteous consciousness.

My chakras and energy channels are opening and aligning with the greater cosmic gridwork and many of my planet devas are passing through my votices and settling within the chakra systems of certain of my children. I am sending you Sitira who will rest within your solar plexus and heart chakras. She will not speak through you, as others do, but she will guide your actions of alignment and loving oneness. I have also dispatched my beloved Healing Deva Zagir who will align and balance all of your chakras so that you may perform healing upon my sorrowing children and my earthly wounds. He, too, will rest within your heart chakra. Accept my emissaries as gifts of love given by a mother to her child, and come join me in my pursuit of everlasting harmony!"

Soon after this I was given the opportunity to begin a 3-year course in Crystal Healing which, eventually, qualified me as a Crystal Healing practitioner. This has enabled me to practice the ancient healing art of ‘laying on stones’ for both people and planetary healing.

The next message was given in response to a question I asked about a copy of a photograph that was sent to me by my close friend Diane Stein. The original had been given to her by someone while she was conducting a workshop. The person had taken the photograph while on vacation in Medjugorje in Bosnia, before the war took place there. It was supposed to be an outside snapshot, but when the print was developed, the expected picture was not there. Instead there was an image of a young woman. If you look for Diane's book 'Psychic Healing With Spirit Guides And Angels,' you will see a reproduction of the photograph on the front, outside cover.

On November 8, 1992 I asked my guides to give me information on the woman in the photograph and I was answered as follows:

"I am the Earth Mother and the one of whom you seek knowledge is my messenger Brede, a child of what to you is my future being. She exists when my planetary lifespan has reached the evening of its day, when I, your world, have achieved my 'old soul' cycle. She lives in harmony with me as do all my children in those times which are truly the NOW times, for you, my child, have been taught that all is NOW. When the group consciousness of my children reaches a certain progressive vibration, as it has now and has also done so in other times, my beautiful Brede is perceived by many in places where the illusionary fabric of matter has worn thin. For your understanding I shall refer to these places as the gateways to other dimensions of existence.

She brings with her the message of hope, the assurance that your kind is worthy of continuance and progression. Does she not resemble your kind? Does she not carry and adorn herself with my little children, the flowers? She is not one of my devas or nature spirits, she is a projection of a soul within the flesh, even as you are, but her substance is less dense than yours, as with all of her kind within the progressed level of my future self.

Observe her beauty, her gentleness and her peace. These gifts of love await you all when you come with me through and beyond this present time of transition. Brede is the manifestation of my desire for loving pro-creation and co-existence, and she is the Bride of what awaits us all within the eternal Oneness. Embrace Brede within your heart, my child, for she is truly a reflection of your future self, your higher soul which, with many others of its kind, will dwell within my ever expanding love.

Be in balance and harmony with all, my child."

On December 12, 1992, just over a month after receiving the information on Brede, I channeled this message from Brede:

"Work with me and I will come to you. Use me when you heal others and yourself. I wish to help you all progress and to love each other. I am waiting for you all to join me in a new dimension of existence where we understand the things which trouble and confuse you. There are many of us, but I am the appointed one who is chosen to reach across the vastness of the Awareness to you and your kind.

To you our lives and doings would seem miraculous, but you all will become us one day and will be as we are. Let me tell you that we are your shining future, a higher level of your journey back to the Awareness. Put your faith and belief in me, for I am truly a reflection of what you all will attain, and I will show you where to step as you travel along your spiritual path.

All who are opening up to our planet's progression will become aware of me in some manner and all will believe what they see and hear. The physical images which you have of me will shift and change, for I am projecting a very small part of my being into them. Accept these variations as proof of my existence and allow my healing energies to combine with yours in order that you might assist the re-joining of souls and parts of souls. Work with me every day and you will sense your inner awareness strengthening.

And so it is forever!"

Soon after receiving this message I began to see changes in the photograph, particularly within Brede's face. I wrote to Diane and told her about the changes in my copy of the photograph and she replied that she had also been seeing changes in hers. Brede has become one of many beings who comprise what I like to call "my healing team." She also works closely with Diane and is available to anyone who asks for her assistance when giving healing.

The following summer, early in the morning of August 10, 1993, I was sitting beside the water’s edge at Loch Lomond in Scotland. While there I was given the following message from the Earth Mother:

"I am here, my child, in the movement of the water, in the sparkle of the sunlight, in the buzz of the insects, I am here. This is me, feel my energy, feel my vibrations, they are coming to you across the water, the sparkling water. See me shimmering across from you, dancing on the vibrant water on this early morn. Hear me, see me, feel me, I am everywhere around you. I am the little bird, I am the rabbits, I am everywhere, and I am healing. What you do and what others do is bringing me healing.

Work with your stones, work with your healing for, in turn, you are healing me and all of the world. This is a place to come to in order to regain yourself, to claim, once more, what you are. Here I bring you peace, I bring you comfort, I give back to you what you all have let go, what you have forgotten is yours. In places like this I give it back to you. We join, we come back as one as we were always meant to do. My child, sit for a while and just take in my vibrations, my love, my endless bounty of love for you and all my children.

Let the Oneness come again. I am the Earth Mother."

On July 7, 1995 I visited the Avebury Stone Circle on my way back to London from Wales where I had given a workshop on Crystal Regression Healing©. My husband and I stayed overnight in the pub/inn that is in the heart of the Circle, and early the next morning I sat with my back propped against one of the monoliths and channeled this message:

"The peace is here, you know it, my child. Refresh yourself within my circles of energy which mark my chakras. Help me by re-opening my chakras with your crystals. Reconnect the energy lines so that the flow of the Light is constant and strengthened. Do this for me whenever you are able, my child. I am in great need of this. Help me progress, my gridwork has been greatly damaged by the evil intent of those who serve Samael. Do what you can for me and I am eternally grateful.

Your ever-loving Earth Mother gives you blessings."

Almost a year before this, we had toured Scotland and visited both the Ring of Brogar in the Orkneys and the standing stones at Callanish in the Isle of Lewis. While seated in the latter stone circle on August 14, 1994, I was told:

"Unra bei salag. We are the ancient ones who await your coming. We serve the Arragh of Claudi and we hold the power of Nagar. The Earth Mother birthed us and we cherish within our space the memory of her raar. Within our circle you enter the peace of pure existence, the allness of being and, once received, it is yours to recall at your will, for it is what you are and is ever with you. Hold the stillness whenever you have need of it and be you comforted by Randril, the mighty guardian, against whom you rested to receive his message. We keep the wisdom safely for you and we will impart it whenever you summon us with the call, "Rhionaarg Hoy!"

To date, these are the only messages that I can share with you. I choose to see them as verification that we are not alone, but are watched over with love and nurturing care.

June 27, 1998 (Waxing Moon in its First Quarter in Leo)
© 1998

All of the above messages can also be found in my book Soul Wisdom, Volume One.

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