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Marion Webb-DeSisto May 18, 2008

Braedwyn - A memorial site for a very precious and special little angel -

Diane Stein - is the author of 25 books--so far--on Women’s Spirituality and the Goddess, Wicca, psychic techniques, metaphysics, healing and Reiki, natural remedies for people and pets, crystals and gemstones, and karmic release -

Todays-Writers - provides a forum for established writers to share essays, articles, and creative fiction without the usual constraints of writing-for-hire -

Hazel Statham - an author who writes mainly in the Regency and Georgian eras, although she has been known to stray to Medieval times -


June Austin - an author whose primary aim is to promote her first book, but also to pass on the experience she has gained during the publication process -


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