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Marion's Interview with DeNita Tuttle of Author Island.

Marion Webb-DeSisto Jun 7, 2008

Late Summer 2007. 

DeNita - Marion Webb-De Sisto is a fascinating author of non-fiction and fiction books with a focus on spirituality, the celestial hierarchy and crystal therapy. She is into a lot of things I’ve been interested in since I was a kid, so it was truly a pleasure for me to interview her about them.

Thanks for taking some time to talk with us, Marion. How long have you been writing?

Marion - I always had a strong interest in writing and reading as a child and teenager. At the age of 10, I won an essay competition that was offered to certain schools. We had to write about the home we would love to live in and, apparently, what I wrote was very descriptive and believable. When I was 14, my aspirations of becoming a teacher turned to an interest in pursuing a career in journalism. However, my parents were against this change of direction and I was persuaded by them and the principal of my school to abandon the idea. Then, as a working adult and, eventually, a wife and mother, there was no time available for creative writing. In 1998 I developed a neurological illness that forced me to take early retirement from work and I was suddenly presented with many hours of free time. After recovering, I turned my attention to my long-term desire to write, and my first manuscript was completed toward the end of 2000. Since then I've written four more books and am presently working on another one.

DeNita - Your books about angels portray them as quite different from what we might expect. Why is that?

Marion - My own experiences with the angelic realms began in 1984 when I was a total Doubting Thomas about anything paranormal. The information I began receiving then through automatic writing was quite startling and contrary to anything I believed in or considered real. When I began writing about the Celestial Hierarchy in my non-fiction books some sixteen years later, I wanted to share with other people some of the unusual insights and predictions I'd be given.

My fiction novels, known as The Angelic Chronicles, are placed in the Fantasy genre because for many the notion of angels is pure fantasy. To present them as fictional characters will, hopefully, give the non-believers the opportunity to become acquainted with them without the usual trappings of religion and New Age beliefs. I hope anyone who reads my portrayal of the angelic realms will enjoy the celestial exploits and romantic entanglements as much as I’ve found pleasure in writing about them.

DeNita - Can you explain what you mean when you describe Samael’s Fall as being “a blending of fantasy with esoteric teachings”?

Marion - Parts of the story are centered on traditional teachings, e.g. the first archangel's fall from grace and banishment from the higher realms; the War of the Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness, while other details and events are products of my own imagination together with a retelling of information I've received from my paranormal experiences. Within the many genres for books, I feel this angelic tale is more acceptable when presented as Fantasy rather than Religion. The archangels and angels are portrayed in a much more controversial manner than might otherwise be expected.

DeNita - What was your favorite thing about writing Samael’s Fall?

Marion - It was my first attempt at writing a novel and I was pleasantly surprised at how easily the words flowed, particularly as it was not a short story. With each of my non-fiction books I always spent time detailing an outline for the manuscript that pinpointed the number of chapters and what each would contain. This didn’t happen with Samael’s Fall. The words that tell the tale of how the Devil came to be seemed to almost write themselves, as though the characters were dictating the storyline. I didn't experience any 'writer's block' or uncertainty about what to tell the reader. By the time I had finished the manuscript I realized I love writing a story even more than documenting facts.

DeNita - What was the most difficult part about writing this book?

Marion - Probably finding time to write what evolved into a 400 page book. Having no detailed outline for the story, I had no idea how many hours would be needed to complete it. I'm a very organized person when embarking on a project and in the beginning I allotted mornings for the writing. This was my usual daily time frame for documenting my non-fiction manuscripts. However, as the story grew, I felt the need to sit at my laptop during any available afternoons and also late at night. I can definitely say I felt driven to tell this tale.

DeNita - You also have a strong interest in the mineral kingdom. Can you tell us about that?

Marion - I've collected crystals and mineral specimens for more than twenty years. My home is filled with carved and polished crystal skulls, spheres, obelisks, wands, etc. I also have a quantity of minerals that are in their natural, rough state. Apart from their stunning beauty, these amazing gifts from the earth can help us heal ourselves and others, as well as be tools for inner journeys. I've taken extensive training in Crystal Healing and I've taught people at colleges, holistic festivals and special interest groups about the mineral kingdom. My non-fiction books about crystals and crystal skulls share with others the insights I've learned about these beautiful minerals.

DeNita - What's next for you?

Marion - I'm hoping that Abbadon, the second book of The Angelic Chronicles, will be available in time for Christmas. While that one is moving through the final stages of the publishing process, I'm writing my fourth non-fiction book which looks at the use of the mineral kingdom within metaphysics. Its working title is Crystal Companions. Once that manuscript is finished, I'll begin writing the last book of the trilogy about the angelic realms. Then I hope to work on a book about The Bach Remedies which are amazing flower essences for promoting wellness. I would also love to write a book about my own and other folk's experiences of hauntings and paranormal events. After that, who knows? According to my husband, I should write another book on crystal skulls. My first book about them has proved to be very popular, so perhaps he is right.


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