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Sweet Dreams by D.L. Edwards

Marion Webb-DeSisto Nov 24, 2008

The last thing Megan Montgomery wants to do is go to the police and tell them she's having horrible nightmares again that just happen to be coming true. But she hesitated to believe and a woman died. She hesitated to act and another woman died. Now she sees no other choice but to go to the police, even if that ends up being a nightmare in itself.

Detective David Stark doesn't really believe the psychic who called him with information concerning a murder that has yet to happen, but for some reason he just can't get the things she told him out of his head. And when he finds a victim's body, exactly as she said it would be, he knows she is the only real lead he has in the most important case of his career. What he doesn't know is how he's going to keep his hands off her until the madman from her nightmares is behind bars.

Can a woman who's not sure life is worth living and a cynical cop who doesn't believe in anything he can't touch work together to find a monster before he adds the last piece to his grotesque creation?

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Average Customer Review: 5 Stars

“This is a tightly woven, very thrilling, occasionally disturbing and frightening story. Once I started reading, I was unable to stop until I read the last word. What an ending!” - Yvonne, The Romance Studio.

"DL Edwards has crafted a fast- paced thriller filled with surprising twists and masterful misdirection that keeps the reader on a roller coaster ride speeding toward an exciting “can’t put it down” ending.” - Marcia Beneger The Muse Book Reviews.

"D L Edwards has a talent for suspense.... The reader is drawn in on page one and Edwards does not let go until the end. Highly recommended." - Shirley Roe, AllBooks Review.

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