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Marion Webb-DeSisto Jan 21, 2009

~ Malpas ~

Feeling less tired, Sara watched a movie that didn’t end until midnight. She then made herself a hot chocolate drink and finally went to bed. Sleep came quickly. Before long she was having a dream that was set in her library. She was placing a number of books on their appropriate shelves, but when she was finished, the books fell down on the floor. Sara bent down, picked them up and placed them back where they belonged. Once again, the books fell down and, as she stooped to retrieve them, a strong musky aroma wafted over her. There was only one person who carried that smell, Malpas. She heard:

“I have missed you, Sara Harding.”

She wanted to tell him she’d also missed him, but was actually horrified by having such a thought. Instead, she pulled the obsidian pendant from under what she presumed was her blouse and realized she was wearing a nightgown, not her work clothes. To be in the library dressed only in her nightgown was embarrassing, yet not as important as making him aware she knew what he was and had protection against him. In the classic style of holding a vampire at bay with a cross, Sara brandished her pendant and declared, “I am protected by the Goddess. I banish you back to Hell or wherever you belong.”

There was silence for a moment, and then a throaty chuckle came from Malpas. “So now you know I’m not an imaginary character? That saves me the annoyance of telling you who I am. I was going to do that tonight.”

Sara suddenly realized he was speaking out loud and not in her mind. She remarked:

“You said you were only allowed to speak English telepathically. Why are you now talking in my language?"

“For you, sweet Sara, I break the rules. If I speak only in your mind, I appear to be a dream character. I want you to know I am real.”

She waved the pendant in what she hoped was his direction and reiterated, “I banish you!”

“Obsidian would only protect you from me if I’d never touched you. As you know, I have caressed and done much more to you, Sara, so your pendant is useless against me.”

“My friend, Angie, told me what you are. She said obsidian is very protective so don’t try to pretend it has no power over you. Go back to Hell!”

“I speak the truth. Your pendant cannot stop me from talking to you or doing whatever I wish.”

One of his hands covered hers and with his other one he took the pendant from her grasp. He placed it under her nightgown and between her breasts. His fingers gently caressed her as his hand moved back up. “Let us go to the place where we normally meet.” The library vanished and Sara knew they were in that nowhere location, the one Angie called the alpha state. She said:

“Angie told me this place isn’t the dream state. When we’re here, I’m almost awake. That means I’m not dreaming you.”

“Your friend is correct. This is the level in which those, such as I, like to act. I can come to you in dreams, as I just did, but other than the waking state this is where we can physically relate.”

That information nudged her curiosity. “You can be with me when I’m awake?”

“Yes, but then you would think you were hallucinating. Hearing a voice and having sex with an unseen entity would be impossible to accept.”

“Could I see you, too?”

“That would be traumatic. I don’t resemble anything you could consider pleasant.”


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