Excerpt from Crystal Skulls

Marion Webb-DeSisto Jun 20, 2010

Now, it was obvious to Mark that the Sacred Seven were beings who were making contact with him through his crystal skulls, and not the seven pyramids that he had been previously shown. He thanked them for their words and quickly telephoned me to tell me what had happened. Mark said he experienced the sensation of sitting in the middle of a strong vortex of energy and that it made him feel quite dizzy. He suggested that I try this same layout, just as the Sacred Seven had recommended.

I did this the next day, using seven of my own crystal skulls. From what Mark had told me, I concluded that the energy within the pattern of skulls would be very ungrounding. Therefore, I decided to hold what I consider to be a very grounding skull while sitting in the center of the other seven. I chose Nedril to be with me. This is a 4 lb. red jasper skull with an androgynous energy vibration. It was carved at 'Raven's Roost' and, like Kujo, has drilled nostrils and hollowed-out jaw and cheek bones. I believe Nedril did help me to remain grounded because at no time did I feel dizzy or light-headed. However, there was a sensation of gentle rocking, at first, and this then became an equally gentle bouncing up and down and from side to side.

I was shown a scene of huge ice mountains cascading down into a jet black sea. There was a strong impression that this was not a place on Earth. Then I saw a Native American man whom I recognized as being the same individual I had seen several years ago within a meditation. During that earlier session I was told this was an image of myself in another lifetime, a very long time ago. In this present meditation, the man had a large, beautiful white feather attached to the front of his raven-colored hair. The quill point was somehow secured just above the left temple and the rest of the feather diagonally followed the contour of his hair toward the back of his head. I heard the name "White Feather" and felt sure that is the English translation of my name in that other lifetime.

No other scenes came to me so I decided to ask for a message from the Sacred Seven. I had taken paper and pen into the layout, therefore, I was ready to channel their words. This is what I was given through automatic writing:

"We take you to other times and other places. Journey with us, we are one. This is a place of solitude, yet many are with us. We are a portal to what may have been, what could have been and what was. We are a portal to what may be, what could be and what will be. Little one, we are the portal to ALL THAT IS, the absolute NOW, the Alpha and the Omega.

Just as Rupel adjusts and aligns your vibrational flow so that you can more easily progress with your planet, we are the vessel that transports you along your path. For those who are not acquainted with Rupel's gifts or the level of his vibrations, we will adjust and align their subtle energy to an appropriate level for our work. Those who have received blessings from Rupel and the higher realms are more ready to journey with us to their soul agreements and dimensional progression.

Help all to journey with us so that we can align, teach, comfort and nurture them through their days of physical existence. Little one, return to us when you are able. We are the Sacred Seven."

When I ended the session, I thought it had lasted about twenty minutes. However, on checking the clock, I realized that almost an hour had passed. It would appear that time is distorted within the Sacred Seven layout.

A few days later, I encouraged my husband to sit inside this pattern of crystal skulls. He chose different ones from those that formed my layout and he did not take an extra skull into the center with him. I stayed close by and, occasionally, asked him to tell me what he could see. My husband's inner vision is always very strong when he closes his eyes. He did not know what I had seen, yet, in the beginning, there appeared to be a Native American connection. The first scene he described was of many, many buffalo that were stampeding. He could hear the thunder of their hooves and felt pulled by their swift motion. There was also dust rising and swirling around. The buffalo were being hunted, but he could not tell me whether the hunters were White or Native Americans.

Then he was quiet for a while except to tell me that his legs felt cold. Later, he described a life-size, smoky quartz skull that he could see in a room in a building. It was on a pedestal and he believed the building was an auction place in Louisiana. There were other crystal skulls on a table, but none were as large as the smoky quartz. Then he was outside of the building and there were two men, discussing what they would bid on the skull. He said this was not the present time because the men were dressed in the fashion of the mid 1800s. He repeated several times, "This is so real," and added that he had a sharp pain in his temples.

Once again, he was silent and this lasted for about fifteen minutes. Towards the end of this time, I saw that he began to look extremely upset. I suggested that he end the session and this he did. After the skulls were cleared away, I told him I had noticed he was becoming distressed. I asked if this was because of the pain he felt in his head. He assured me it was not, but said he had seen bombs exploding everywhere and this was very upsetting. Finally, I questioned my husband about how long he thought he had sat in the middle of the skulls. His answer only stated a third of the actual time he was there.

About two weeks after sitting inside the seven skull layout, Mark Loman decided to try a second session. During this time, he saw "a spinning vortex with the symbol of a triangle inside it." The three lines of this geometric figure were spiraling outwards. Like my husband, he also experienced coldness in his legs. He received three lines of automatic writing and then felt a strong desire to drum. Mark owns a beautiful Native American drum, which he often plays. He thought his drumming lasted around ten minutes, but later realized he had played the drum for about an hour and a half.

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