New Crystal Skulls Card Deck

Marion Webb-DeSisto Oct 26, 2010


This card-deck is now offered for subscription. Instead of €22, now only €20 (plus shipping)

44 cards with channeled crystal skull messages.

Guidebook in German and English.

Kirsten Hilling presents together with world-famous crystal skull experts a unique set of 44 cards with messages of the crystal skulls.

"This card deck brings insights that cannot be gained anywhere else." Marion Webb-De Sisto

"The crystal skulls were hidden for thousands of years awaiting this time to come forth to assist humanity as we move into a Golden Age - any media that is used (such as a beautiful card deck) to share their powerful and loving energy with people around the world is an important tool for the skulls with the help of their guar­dians to participate in." Joshua Shapiro

"It is important because we live in a time of change, shift and transformation and the crystal skulls are the most wonderful tools to support this process." Jaap van Etten

We are happy to offer you this card-deck for subscription. Till the end of 2010 we can give you a reduc­tion, that means from the regular price €22 we reduce to €20. Plus Shipping costs. Please contact us at the email address below for paying by PayPal. As soon as the decks are printed they will be shipped to you.

Shipping costs:

Europe: €3.50

World: €6.00

Ordering address: Elraanis Verlag, Hausbachweg 4, D-83242 Reit im Winkl,

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