Excerpt from Into the Fog

Marion Webb-DeSisto Apr 10, 2013

Eric looked at the window and watched the swirling density change from off white to dirty grey, and then a sickly green. What could make the fog become such an unnatural color? Perhaps some toxic chemical had been inadvertently released into the air? He was grateful to be on the train and not outside, having to breathe in that possibly harmful fog.

As he continued to stare at the window, the fog thickened so much that it seemed to be pressing against the glass. He could almost swear he saw the window buckle slightly under the pressure. That was ridiculous. Eric wanted to look away, but felt compelled to watch the fog. Now, it changed back to thick, twisting strands of greenness that bizarrely looked like elongated hands. Then, a ghoulish face suddenly peered in the window and grimaced at Eric. This startling act completely unnerved him. What was wrong with his eyesight? He must be hallucinating. Fog was just fog and nothing more.

Eric looked around the carriage to see if anyone else was noticing what was happening outside. The two young women were no longer giving it their attention. Some passengers were engrossed in newspapers or books, while others were busy with their laptops or iPads. No one appeared to be interested in the weird green fog.

Surprisingly, the train jerked with faster motion. Surely it was wiser to slow down, when driving through thick fog, rather than increasing the speed? Maybe the driver wanted to get clear of it as quickly as possible? Perhaps he’d also seen a grisly face in the fog? No, no! Eric reprimanded himself. No more craziness.

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