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Marion Webb-DeSisto May 15, 2008

Marion Webb-De Sisto has held a keen interest in Women's Spirituality, Crystal Therapy and the Celestial Hierarchy for the past twenty-seven years. She is a graduate member and former tutor of the International College of Crystal Healing, a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and a Reiki Master. Marion is also an experienced teacher/lecturer in both the UK and USA, being a guest speaker at holistic festivals, health shows and The Seeker's Trust. Having lived and worked in the US for many years, she presently resides in South East England. Marion has two sons, two step sons, three daughter-in-laws and three grandchildren.

Her work career was closely involved with the education and care of young children. She was a teacher in England, a director of two separate child care centers in Massachusetts and the director of a private school in California. After returning home, she became a local government officer for registering and inspecting all types of education and child care facilities for children under the age of 8. During many of her working years, Marion's attention was given to servicing and protecting abused and neglected children.

Marion's writings have been featured in Diane Stein's books - All Women Are Psychics, Prophetic Visions of the Future, Natural Healing for Dogs & Cats and The Natural Remedy Book for Dogs & Cats. Also in Dick Sutphen's Finding Your Answers Within. Her own books have been available since 2001. Reviewers considered her Angelic Chronicles to be "beautifully written;" a story that "just swoops one along," and then "leaves your heart panging." Marion's non-fiction books are described as "hard to put down," being written in "a clear and understandable fashion."

This popular writer is known to her friends as Maz and she describes herself as a people watcher. She sees the human experience as one that is filled with possibilities and continuous change. The duality that exists within each person fascinates Marion and she uses her many years of working and communicating with people as a blueprint for 'fleshing out' the characters in her novels. She feels she has been inspired to write by her passion for reading from a very early age. In adulthood this developed into a love of different types of literature. Marion enjoys the classics, horror stories, tales of the supernatural, romantic sagas and certain Sci-Fi and Fantasy yarns; and she loves to hear from her readers. Click here to send her an email and/or click on her name below the title of this section to learn more about Marion.

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