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The Ayin by Gregor Former

Marion Webb-DeSisto May 16, 2008

The Ayin is an exploration of the nature of consciousness through the story of a team of near-future scientists working on the next level of interface for the Net. This interface, the Ayin, allows the users to communicate with the Net through thought. Against a backdrop of a future ruled by corporate friendly rulers, this team discovers fundamental truths about the nature of existence while struggling against a political system. The Net is alive in this Sci-Fi novel about a future society gone haywire.

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Average Customer Review: 5 Stars

"Gregor Former is a voice for our generation.He peers in the future (or present?) and it isn't pretty." A reviewer - 2003.

"Mr. Former has created a fantastic tale that could very well become truth in the not too future!" A reviewer - 2001.

"This book is quickly becoming an underground cultural sensation; read it today!" A reviewer - 2000. 


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