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The Horsepower Whisperer by Bob Blackman

Marion Webb-DeSisto May 16, 2008

Ever felt your spirits are being sapped? Are the colours being rinsed out of life's rich tapestry? Is your soul being destroyed? Nick Hob is the Horsepower Whisperer. He talks the torque and races in the Wild Hunt. With a few well chosen words, he inspires engines to great feats of speed, power and endurance. And he will share this power with you if you will trade with him your soul. But after answering a Save Our Souls message from a doomed airliner, he can barely believe his Extra Sentiency Perception. He's been short changed. Something in Post Unification Euphobia encourages severe soul erosion. Can Hob offer salvation? Or is he just another destroyer?

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Average Customer Review: 5 Stars

"This is a brilliant and big piece of imaginative and humorous writing." A reviewer - 2008.

"A witty adventure on full throttle." A reviewer - 2008.

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