Marion's Fantasy Novels - Stories of Adventure and Romance Set Within the World of Angels and Demons.
Marion Webb-DeSisto

Samael's Fall: The Angelic ChroniclesCover illustration and design by artist and graphic designer Fanitsa Petrou.He's handsome, charismatic and a radiant celestial being, but he's rapidly becoming a dark soul...

Marion's Non-Fiction Books - Helpful Information About Crystals, Spirit Guides and Healing.
Marion Webb-DeSisto

Crystal Skulls: Emissaries of Healing & Sacred Wisdom A ground-breaking look at the impact contemporary crystal skulls are having on people who choose to collect and work with these mineral carvings. Details are given about some of the healings, spiritual awakenings and life-changing encounters the author and others have experienced while in their presence. These are not the ancient artifacts found in excavations of tombs and burial sites, but they are proving to be extremely intriguing. This popular non-fiction volume is frequently placed in the top 100 of both the US and UK Amazon's Category Sales Ranks for books about Crystals...


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