Toward a New World
Gregor Former

Humanity fast approaches a point of no return, a moment of profound decision: whether to continue along our current path of myopic greed, distrust, and shallow desire or to evolve into true caretakers of life upon this planet. We have built systems of control that reward the few and punish the many. We treat the Earth which sustains us with indignity and disdain. More and more we place all value in material wealth and see all things through a lens of monetary worth...

The Earth Mother Article.
Marion Webb-DeSisto

An overview of some of the inspiring, channeled messages I have received in recent years about our planet. Today there is a great deal of interest in our planet, both from the point of view of making her environmentally sound and also with regards the belief that she is progressing into a new dimension. There are some who believe a consciousness lies within our planet and they have named it Gaia. Some say Gaia is angry with all the abuse she has received from man and that she is beginning to seek ways to rid herself of human infestation...


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